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My first official photo shoot took place on January 1, 2013. I dove in with both feet and took photos of a large (!) family that I've known...well, my whole life!

It was a beautiful, cold day. Snow lay glistening on the ground. Did I mention it was cold! Luckily we took pictures at Randy and Terry's house and we were able to rotate people outside to take pictures and then back inside to warm up!


The snow made for a BEAUTIFUL backdrop!








The family had gathered to celebrate Glenda's birthday (am I allowed to reveal your age, Glenda?) :) Four generations were there:

Glenda and her kids Glenda and the grandkids

Glenda and the great grandkids










The love that this family has for each other shows through.




















 favorite picture of the day!














Thank you, Glenda and family for a fun (and cold) day! I hope you had a wonderful birthday celebration with your family!



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